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Medical College and Hospital, Sangli

Citizen Charter

Citizen’s Charter

  • Right to know the information about Diagnosis, treatment and medicines given.
  • Right to know desired information about the persons treating.
  • Right to know about maintenance of confidentiality of conversation and records / notes of the patient
  • Right to know about maintenance of privacy about patient’s illness and medical records.
  • Right to receive the treatment in emergency
  • Right to get the information copy of medical records.
  • Right to get the rules and regulations of the hospital as well as facilities provided by the hospital
  • Right to the know the details about medical bills.
  • Right to know to get second opinion about patient’s illness treatment etc.

Responsibilities of the Patient

  • He should have the faith in treating doctor and treatment plan
  • He should follow the instructions of the treating doctor and should follow the suggested instruction.
  • Should follow the appropriate measures during contagious disease
  • Consulting of doctor, Hospital treatments related bills should be paid immediately.
  • Be available in given time by the Hospital/Clinic.
  • Maintain and preserve all the documents related to the illness.
  • He should inform the Doctor/Hospital in case of changing the hospital or Doctor.

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